There has been and will continue to be a lot of media coverage of the issues of obesity in Britain. There is a simple but extremely effective solution: Exercise and diet. The number of people who are classed as being clinically obese is rising all the time and is currently estimated at being around one in five people. Being excessively overweight is unhealthy for you and obesity needs to be tackled so we can all live longer, healthier lives. Exercise means any kind of physical activity that can increase your heart rate and basically tire you out.

There are many methods of getting useful exercise. Going to your local gymnasium and working out in a studio environment is often a popular choice of most. Some people prefer to workout at home, comfortably and in privacy, maybe watching videos or reading books to assist their exercise routine. Fitness classes offer you the opportunity to indulge in various health boosting training instructor-led classes. Aerobics, swimming and mind and body classes constitute great ways to get fir and stay healthy for longer.

The simple fact is that if you eat a certain amount of calories then you need to burn off the excess or you'll put on weight. There are excellent benefits to your health through taking regular physical activity. For example, you can effectively burn off calories and increase your metabolism to ensure your body burns fat faster. Build muscles which will help you to look and feel great. Improve your lung capacity and elevate fitness levels to escalate endurance.

It can also be hazardous to your health if performed incorrectly or if you push yourself too hard. Strains, sprains and injuries are all possible but if you take the advice of personal trainers or research fully exactly how to workout efficiently, effectively and most of all safely, then you should reduce the risk of injury substantially. Impact on your joints and ligaments can be minimised using gym equipment such as Aerospin bikes, while swimming classes offer you a workout without impact issues. If you can't dedicate the time for a workout, at a gym or in your home, then there are other ways to lose weight and get fit. Gardening, going up and down stairs and walking are all excellent methods of effectively burning calories just by performing your usual daily tasks. Start working out now to gain weight loss and weight control.

Ways to get fit

Exercise benefits



You can find places for exercising practically anywhere. The most common one to think of is Gyms, health clubs or leisure centres. With a range of maintained equipment to use and various fitness classes, a monthly fee normally covers everything. This is a safe, sometimes luxurious environment to work out in. Thankfully though you can do your exercising wherever and whenever you wish in your own home, garden or by taking a short walk down to the local shopping centre! You will burn calories simply by going up and down the stairs ten times a day, which in reality most of us do regularly. Other simple ways include, holding in your abs and clenching your bottom whilst you are queuing (although don't make it tii obvious!), walking up the stairs or escalators in the Underground, even deep breathing can boost your metabolism.

Probably the most popular place for exercising is the gym however. There are a variety of exercise equipment and health and safety measures in place to ensure your workout is efficient and doesn't pose serious risks to your health. You will nearly always have fully trained and experienced personal trainers on hand to help guide you and to keep you focussed and motivated. This will be a big aid to you as it will ensure you don't stop working out and help you to achieve your fitness goals.

You can also get a great cardiovascular workout through attending martial art, mind and body and dance classes. These classes are excellent ways of getting an aerobic workout. You can use videos and books to help you to train from home, should you prefer it.

Can you dedicate just half an hour a day to getting your heart rate elevated? If you can combine healthy eating with regular physical activity, you can lose weight, manage your weight more easily and stay fit and healthier for longer. Reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes through remaining active and sticking to your diet. Walking, climbing stairs, gardening, ironing or even rubbing sun tan lotion into your skin burns off calories. It's just a matter of maintaining your enthusiasm for weight loss and control and doing whatever you can, whenever you can. You should also exercise early. Working out prior to breakfast helps you to burn calories off quickly. Your body burns fat faster on an empty stomach because your energy stores are depleted and blood sugar levels are low.




Have you ever wondered if you could be doing more than just stand still as you are queuing up for the bus? Whether it's waiting around at a busy supermarket checkout or just patiently queuing up at a fairground ride, you can actually be improving your physique and toning up your body while you do! Simply by clenching your buttocks, holding in your stomach or just breathing deeply and slowly as you stand there can actually work wonders for your overall body toning as you wait around, queuing up!

Are you fed up of queuing up and find that the boredom sometimes gets to you? Haven't you ever thought that there is something constructive you could be doing whilst standing in an almost motionless line of people? As you are waiting for anything from buying tickets for your favourite musical show to tickets for a sporting event or to get an autograph from a famous celebrity, it makes sense to use every opportunity you have to tone up and it's all free and so simple, you can't go wrong!

By practising deep breathing exercises and improving your posture, you can actually lose weight! Breathing properly means that you take in air and breathe deeply until your lungs have filled to their capacity. Most people do not actually breathe properly and by performing this simple procedure, you can increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This rate represents the amount of calories that you consume simply by resting. If you increase this rate and improve your metabolism so that you burn calories faster at rest, you'll find that you can lose weight by burning fat more quickly!

If you don't have time to visit the gym three times a week and your lifestyle is so busy that you can't find the time to go for a twenty five minute jog around the park at six o'clock in the morning, ten these simple but highly effective exercises can help you to achieve improved health and fitness. Give it a try!

Fitness videos

Are you too embarrassed to go to the gym? Fitness videos can be the answer that you have been searching for! Sit back, relax and switch on your video machine. Then spend the next hour or so working out in the comfort and privacy of your on home as you watch Fitness videos to get fit. Many people would prefer to visit their local gymnasium, health club or leisure centre but cannot find the time to do so. For these people, Fitness videos can prove to be fantastic products!

You can dance along to music orientated Fitness videos and get fit quickly and easily as well as effectively and efficiently. You might even have so much fun that you'll forget that you're exercising at all! You can now purchase videos that include anything from aerobic, spinning, cycling, meditation, treadmill, walking, yoga, crunches, abs and weight loss to meditation, massage, stretching and exercise ball workouts, the choice is yours and nowadays it is vast!

You can get your fitness levels improved and ensure that you are exercising to achieve the best results simply by watching trainers on videos that you can receive directly to your door! It couldn't be any simpler. You can view instructors as they lead you through routines and advise you on the best ways to achieve the right results for your body.

At prices that you can afford and with all the motivation, convenience and effectiveness that can really help you to get the cardiovascular workouts, toning, training, body sculpting or the muscle building attributes that you're after, the options available to you these days have never been more apparent! Either visit the shops, buy through your local gymnasium or just purchase through online resources for the videos that can make all the difference to your health and fitness.


Do you lead a hectic lifestyle? General activities that you do throughout a typical day can be the perfect answer for improving all of your health and fitness issues! Why concern yourself with attending costly gymnasiums or partaking in potentially hazardous and dangerous sports when you can get fit and healthy simply by using the tasks and general activities that you indulge in during your daily affairs. To enhance your endurance levels, tone up or build muscles, you can take advantage of all those general activities that you do during your day which can provide you with the means you need to improve your physique and fitness levels.

Such simple general activities include anything from housecleaning, running around after your children and walking instead of using public transport or driving your car to putting the washing on the line, mowing the lawn, doing the weekly shopping or even washing the car! All of these things that you regularly perform throughout a usual day can really help you to tone up and improve your health and fitness. Just walking up and down the stairs can make a huge difference to your fitness and endurance levels.

The number of calories that you burn is of course dependent upon the extent of the actions performed. For example, if you walk to the shops and it takes an hour to do so, you'll burn more calories and therefore fat than if you only live five minutes form the shops. Similarly, if you run up and down the stairs twenty times a day as opposed to only three times per day, you'll burn very different amounts of calories.

All of these actions can save you time and money. Instead of driving to the local gym and spending lots of money each month on expensive membership fees, why not just utilise the facilities in your own home and improve your health and fitness levels through methods that you would have perhaps overlooked previously? It is easy so try it for a while and you'll soon notice the vast improvements that you are capable of achieving both quickly and simply.



If you're looking for somewhere to exercise regularly, a gym has to be a choice worth significant consideration. Although it is possible to take regular physical activity almost anywhere and at any time of day or night, it is true that some people prefer to work out in a safe, controlled and supervised environment. Such environments include health clubs, fitness and leisure centres and gyms. With the option of attending multiple classes that range from aerobics to martial arts, such venues are excellent for providing you with the facilities, equipment and instructors that you want to allow you to workout effectively and efficiently. With health and safety issues always a top priority for gyms and health clubs, you can exercise assured that you are being well catered for.

Gyms are located throughout the UK. This means you have wide access to a range of products and information as well as the means to workout where and when you want, with most being open very early in the morning and closing late at night. Attending such places is ideal for some people who may find it difficult to workout at home or struggle to achieve the results they want and require supervision, inspiration or merely advice and an environment in which health and fitness are high on everyone's list.

With exercise equipment that can cater for all of your needs, such clubs and centres are excellent for providing you with the means to get fit and say healthy for longer. From free weights for toning and muscle building, treadmills and rowing machines with features and programmes that will keep you interested and motivated throughout your workout to classes including martial arts, mind and body, Pilates and aerobics where instructors will advise and support you whilst helping you to maintain your motivational levels and improve your fitness, the possibilities are vast.

It can be expensive to join some of these places so it's a good idea to look around first. Get to know what your aims are regarding fitness levels and a healthier lifestyle and set realistic targets that you can strive to meet in order to improve your health and fitness over the course of a few weeks and months. By taking regular activity and eating healthily, you can get fit, look and feel great and stay healthy for longer. You can also reduce your risk of developing heart disease, some cancers and diabetes.


Health clubs

Generally, health clubs are excellent places to work out and get fit. It is becoming more and more important these days to maintain good health and fitness levels. There are now health clubs located throughout the UK and selecting the right on has never been so simple! Exercising and eating a balanced diet are essential for sustaining good physical condition as well as well being. This is particularly prominent nowadays with a significant reduction in physical activity by most people that prefer to drive to destinations as opposed to walking there, for example. Whether you want to tone up, shape up, lose weight or just get out and about and meet new people, a great place to achieve all of these things is at local health clubs!

With a diverse range of excellent facilities and equipment on offer to you, regardless of your age, gender, level of ability or preferences with regards to location, health clubs are now highly affordable and accessible places to work out and get fit. With modern ideas, technologies and options that can help you to improve your physique, skin and especially your outlook on life, these centres are absolutely ideal for providing you with the facilities that cater for every single aspect of care for your body.

Find recreational facilities, tips and advice on losing weight as quickly and easily as is possible nowadays! Discover a world of sporting and leisure based products and equipment as well as courts and pitches that can ensure you have the very finest facilities and amenities to satisfy your requirements and give you access to the exercise options that you may have thought you'd have to travel far and wide or pay extortionate prices for, all located in one fabulous centre!

Facilities include gyms, swimming pools, exercise studios, steam rooms, saunas, spas, aromatherapy rooms and tanning salons as well as physiotherapy rooms, lounge areas and bars, beauty salons and even cr?ches! Locate everything from personal trainers to car parking discount options now and you'll soon be working out in luxurious surroundings that will enhance your exercise regime and ensure you have the motivation you need to improve and maintain good levels of endurance and vigour.


Home gyms

Are you too busy to attend the gym? Home gyms are the answer! If you have ever wondered why you can't just workout in the privacy and comfort of your own home and struggled to think of any valid reasons then home gyms can provide you with what you want! By using equipment in your own front room for example, you can workout at any time of day or night, basically at your own convenience. With facilities that comprise home gyms, Watch the television, listen to the radio or just really push yourself hard as you strive to gain excellent levels of fitness and improve your health to the point that you feel confident going to the beach or the local swimming pool with your shirt off!

What is involved with using home gyms, you might be inclined to ask? Well, there are various products and accessories available to you for your house on the market at the moment. You can buy free weights, rowing machines, treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, stair climbers, bench press equipments and a huge range of facilities that will allow you to work all major muscle groups and develop your physique exactly how you want it to be!

Whether you want to enhance your fitness and overall levels of endurance, look and feel much healthier, build muscles, tone up and develop that six pack for a flat, extra hard washboard style stomach or simply start a hobby with your spouse, the opportunities for you nowadays to stay clear of leisure centres, gyms and health clubs have never been more apparent!

With such great ranges of equipment and excellent prices that will have you questioning why you ever spent all that money on gym or health and leisure centre membership fees, isn't it time you went out and bought the health and fitness products that can make all the difference to your physique ad well being? Don't be concerned that you'll run out of space either! These days, everything is ergonomically designed and that means that space saving designs are very much in the limelight! Sliding under the bed or neatly into cupboards, these days equipment is so convenient, you'll wonder why it has taken you so long to buy such items.

Speed Up Metabolism

If you can speed up metabolism than you can effectively teach your body to burn more calories. This in turn means you'll lose weight, as less fat gets stored in your body. There are numerous theories on how best to speed up metabolism. Here we outline a few you might want to consider.

Your metabolic rate refers to how fast your body converts food into energy and how quickly it uses up this energy. The key to how to speed up metabolism is to understand that your body is constantly adjusting itself to how it perceives your energy needs. For example it's best to avoid eating heavy meals late at night. This is because your body is preparing for sleep where less energy is needed and therefore is more likely to store late night calories as fat. Equally if you consistently eat a proper healthy breakfast, your body learns that it won't be starved in the mornings when you need energy to face the day. Instead it will burn up the calories you consume rather than saving them the way it will if you starve yourself till lunchtime. This is also why exercise is so important. It not only burns up energy on the spot but it increases your metabolic rate for hours afterwards. This is because it causes your body to perceive that you need carbohydrates to be converted into energy rather than fat. Exercising early in the morning or in short bursts throughout the day is an excellent way to keep your body believing it needs to burn those calories. It's also a good idea to drink a lot of water and eat foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains that your body is able to digest quickly. Smoking, caffeine and alcohol are all thought to slow down your metabolic rate so are best avoided.


If you want to lose weight, walking can really help. You don't have to struggle lifting weights or sweating on the treadmill to achieve improved levels of fitness. Walking is often recommended as part of weight loss plans. It can help you to lose weight, burn calories and tone up as well as increase fitness and improve your circulatory system. Walking at a moderate pace for about half an hour to an hour can help you to burn off calories and stored fat. This can help you to increase your metabolism which in turn can improve your health and allow you to burn fat more efficiently. Instead of taking the bus, train or driving over short distances, walking can be a much better alternative for benefiting your health.

This type of simple but effective form of exercise is highly useful for reducing your risk of developing certain conditions and diseases. Such illnesses can include heart disease, cancers, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. It's easy to determine whether or not you need to reduce your weight. You just need to use the Body Mass Index (BMI) to see how much body fat you have, consult your doctor or discuss your weight and shape with a dietician.

You need to start slowly and build up the pace to prepare your body for the activity that it is about to embark upon. Exercising at a slow but constant rate for around 5-10 minutes informs your muscles that simply using up sugars is not going to provide the energy they require. Instead, they must utilise the fat stored in your body. By starting too quickly, at too high a level or with too much pace, you'll only burn up sugars.

You need to walk at speeds in which you reach and maintain a rate that falls between about 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. At this level, you'll be able to increase your metabolism and start to burn fat more efficiently. You'll also raise your Basal Metabolic Rate (MBR) which means that you'll be able to burn fat more easily throughout the day as well as building muscle and toning up. Burning fat doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, through simple exercising and scenic walks, you can achieve the results you want quickly and most importantly, you'll be able to maintain sustainable weight loss.



With most things in life, there are various health benefits and risks of engaging in regular physical activity. On the one hand, exercise promotes good health, doesn't it? On the other hand it seems to cause health problems potentially? Can this be right? Unfortunately, 'no pain, no gain' isn't just a saying. It actually means something. Exercise therefore offers you health benefits as well as a few risks if you jump in too quickly. It suggests that through hard work and dedication, you'll find the fitness and weight control that you search for. This is essentially true. There is also a potential downside though.

Health benefits and risks of exercising regularly can be simplified into two sections. Firstly, by tiring yourself out and getting a really good workout, you'll be in pain but you'll increase your heart rate and improve your overall fitness levels. This is a health promoting activity. Secondly, the risks of exercising regularly should be addressed. With workouts that offer benefits, like all things, moderation is undeniably the key. Exercising or being physically active isn't 100% safe but it is something that we all need to do, on a daily basis. Sprains, stresses, fractures, strains, twists, ligament and joint damage are all potential health hazards you should consider when thinking about starting a fitness regime to lose weight and get fit.

It is fairly reasonable to view exercise as a way of improving your health as opposed to being detrimental to it. Whatever the cause of a problem, there is a solution to counteract it. For example, if you have an injury that mans you cannot put any weight on your ankle; you can always workout by swimming or using equipment that offers impact free training such as elliptical or cross trainers. Weight loss and control are major advantages and by reducing your weight, you can actually reduce the chance of developing certain conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Exercising does create free radicals though. These are potentially highly damaging to our cells if we lack sufficient levels of antioxidants to neutralise them. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables can counteract this particular problem. This means that exercising is an excellent route to a healthy lifestyle and can help you to stay fit and healthy for longer.


Build muscles

In order to build muscles you have to be prepared to put in some hard work. As the old saying goes?no pain, no gain! A lot will depend on what it is precisely that you want to achieve. What do you want? Do you want to build muscles to look good at the beach? Do you simply want to improve your health? Or perhaps you just want to increase your confidence or be better able to protect yourself? Whatever it is that you want, we can point you in the direction of the right resources that will help you reach your goals efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

No matter what the temptation is to build muscles quickly and with little effort, steroids should be avoided at all costs. Not only do the results from the use of steroids vary wildly, but they can be extremely dangerous. It is not uncommon to hear about users suffer from instant, and often fatal, heart attacks, simply from trying to build muscles quickly with little heed to safety. Ok, the boring, safe stuff over, here are some tips on how to bulk up and get beefy!!

If you're looking to just tone your muscles and only build up a little then your best bet is to find a comfortable weight and do a high number of repetitions. You should aim to do around four to five sets of around eighteen to twenty repetitions. The weight should be fairly comfortable, offering only light (but not too light!) resistance. By the time you finish the sets, whichever part of your body it is that you have been exercising should feel a little tired but you should not have reached the point of muscle failure. Because you are not over exerting yourself as such you should be fine to do several different parts of your body with each trip to the gym, but just remember to be careful and if you ever feel exhausted, dizzy, nauseous or overly tired, stop immediately and consult a doctor or, at the very least, a trained professional in physical activity.

If your goal is to really bulk-up then you should do fewer repetitions with a significantly heavier weight. You should aim to do around three to four sets of around eight to twelve repetitions. You should reach the point of muscle fatigue (failure) by the end of your final set. As with any exercise, remember to stay hydrated at all times and drink plenty of liquids.


Healthy heart

To promote and maintain a healthy heart, there are various methods you can employ. Exercise is very important and can have a large impact on overall sate of your cardiovascular condition. Your diet is also absolutely essential in ensuring you have a healthy heart and that it is always operating at optimal levels. Everything consumed will have some kind of effect on how a healthy heart can be sustained. If you are in a relatively good condition, your best bet will be to stick to a rigid exercise regime as well as the food pyramid plan which is widely accepted as the main diet for maintaining a healthy heart.

In essence, a healthy heart can be obtained and maintained through eating foods that include plentiful amounts of brown rice, brown pasta, wholegrain bread and cereals. It is a good idea to consume a round 6-11 small portions of each of these a day. The next stage up on the pyramid includes vegetables which it is recommended that you should eat 3-5 times a day. Further up on the pyramid is the fruit group of which you should try to eat about 2-4 servings per day.

Milk yogurts and cheeses comprise this ext group of dairy products of which you should aim to restrict consumption to only 2-3 helpings daily. The second highest group within this pyramid scheme is the protein group. This group includes fish, meat, poultry and eggs amongst other things. A mere 2-3 servings are sufficient for daily consumption. At the pinnacle of the food pyramid is the group which contains, inter alia oils and fats. Anything from this group should only be eaten in very small quantities.

The best types of exercise for achieving these goals include anything that makes you sweat and your chest pounding at accelerated rates. During exercise, your pulse should be between 75-85% of your maximum heart rate. Anything lower than this will be ineffective for benefiting you and rates exceeding these levels will only prove to be harmful to your body. The exercise should be intense without causing discomfort and as a minimum, should be undertaken no less than three times per week for optimal results. Smoking, drinking alcohol excessively (one glass per day is usually advisable) or any drug intake is to be avoided.



Having improved fitness or endurance has a whole host of health benefits and can also make you look and feel great! Whatever your current level of fitness, there is always room for improvement and there are many ways of achieving your health and fitness goals and there are many qualified professionals to help you along your way. Whatever your plans, it is never a bad idea to improve your fitness levels. You can obtain improved fitness though various means which can help you to lose weight, to beat your jogging time, to make your heart healthier or even just to have fun.

In order to improve your fitness there are many exercises that you can do and many fitness programmes that you can adopt. For best results, you should engage in regular and intensive cardiovascular exercise that really gets your heart pumping at least three times per week and preferably four to five times weekly. The best exercises you can do are running, rowing, walking at speed, cycling and a whole variety of sports such as tennis, squash, badminton, football, basketball, volleyball and anything that involves a lot of quick and spontaneous sprinting.

If you do not know where to start in what can feel like a very daunting project there are plenty of places that you can go to where help is at hand. Probably the best place for you to start is to join a gymnasium. There are gyms across the country and in every town and city so there really is no excuse. A typical gym will have plenty of facilities of use to you but the best ones for this purpose will be the treadmill, the elliptical trainer (or "cross trainer"), rowing machines, stair masters, ski machines, steppers and the like. Used properly, these machines will help you attain your goals and can minimise the risk of injury and maximise your time efficiency.

To make sure you exercise both safely and effectively, there is a plethora of qualified professionals to guide you and give you responsible advice. From medical professionals such as doctors and physiotherapists to sports personnel such as personal trainers and dieticians, they are all out there and waiting to help you.



One of the many benefits of exercise is to increase metabolism. They are cyclical reactions that take place in the body. Metabolic pathways provide the body with everything it needs to survive. This includes enzymes, hormones, blood, bone and muscles. Processes in the body rely on metabolism. For example, dead tissue is also broken down and disposed of and it can be used for the production of energy. Via the circulatory system, pathways are created by the foods that we eat which are consequently broken down and distributed throughout the body. Metabolism is essential for maintaining healthy muscle tissue. The muscle tissue is metabolically active and people with more muscle tend to use more energy.

Metabolism refers to a rate of energy usage. This rate of energy usage is known as metabolic rate and when we are at rest, such as during sleep, we burn calories at a lower rate which is called the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and can be a good indicator of levels of fitness. The energy content of food is measured in calories (KCal).

Control, regulation and the metabolic rate is important for optimising health. Eating small amounts of food regularly is the key to achieving a higher and more stable rate. Ideally, food should be consumed every 2-3 hours and the stomach should definitely not be left empty for more than 5 hours at a time. By leaving large gaps between meals, the body resorts to a mode whereby it prepares for starvation, conserving fat and utilising muscles as the main source of energy. The rate then drops and the proportion of muscle decreases while the amount of fat increases.

Consuming foods in sporadic patterns results in a large drop in blood sugar levels which can lead to energy slumps and hunger pains. Eating small amounts of food regularly maintains a higher metabolic rate which can help you to slim more easily and quickly with the chance of sustaining such weight loss being that much higher. This can also help you to maintain steady blood sugar levels and energy levels. Many diet plans such as Slim-Fast suggest that you eat 6 times per day, with others also promoting this type of eating pattern for health benefits. A healthy, well balanced diet in combination with taking regular physical activity is the key to success for anyone looking to slim, tone up and achieve their target weight with the aim of sustaining such weight loss in a controlled way.


Lung capacity

For improved lung capacity and efficiency levels, there are certain things that you can do to ensure you get the optimal results. The average pair of human lungs can hold around 6 litres of air. Only a small amount of this is used during respiration. For improved lung capacity and efficiency, you'll need to adopt regular and testing exercises designed to assist with your breathing techniques so you will develop your breathing so you can take in more air and use it more effectively. This can help you to increase your fitness levels and endurance. Cardiovascular activity can help you to achieve improved lung capacity and efficiency levels.

There are various factors which can affect the lung volume and allow you to achieve improved lung capacity and efficiency. The volume of your lungs will depend on age, weight, gender and the extent and regularity of exercise undertaken. Women tend to have a quarter less capacity in their lungs than men. Taller people usually have a greater lung expanse and their ability to retain a larger volume of air than their smaller counterparts means they can respire more efficiently.

People that smoke a lot have a significantly smaller capacity than those who do not smoke. People that dwell in locations of a high altitude tend to have larger lung capacity than those living at lower altitudes. Professional athletes often travel to areas high above sea level in order to gain the advantages associated with having a larger lung capacity.

Strengthening and stretching the chest area of the body is key to improving your ability to take in oxygen and utilise it effectively. Yogis of the Pranayama Institute claim that disease will become a thing of the past for those breathing properly. Modern science and medicine in the West has only touched upon the many applications possible for breathing exercises. Effective exercises include middle to long distance running whereby your heart rate is increased consistently but not intensively for long periods of time. This means respiration is more laboured than usual and the lungs are forced to expand in order to cope with the increased workload to ensure your muscles receive more oxygen more quickly.


Sports injuries

It is possible to cause your body harm with a sprain or sport injury whilst performing certain exercises and activities. Such problems usually affect the soft tissues and connective tissues of the body, in particular, the musculoskeletal system. Ligaments, tendons and joints are vulnerable to a strain or sport injury as well as sprains. In severe instances, rest and immobilisation will be required to ensure that any damage to the body is repaired. Solid casts and long term rehabilitation along with the potential for operations and surgery may be necessary to correct a strain or sport injury that may have occurred.

The most frequently occurring strains or sport injury can affect the ankles and tears to ligaments usually have differing levels of severity. Swelling and slight tenderness can result following tears, partial ruptures, ruptures and sprains. Symptoms include obvious swelling, bruising and often difficulty or the inability to walk properly. Avulsion is the term given to severe sprain in which the ligament becomes completely torn from the bone. Internal bleeding, joint instability and extreme swelling are the most common factors to consider here. Muscle soreness, spasms pain and swelling result from such injuries.

In the event that you do experience such problems following exercise related accidents or incidents, traditional treatments involve simply resting the affected area, using cold compresses and ice packs or wrapping the damaged area with compression bandages. An excellent way to promote healing is by keeping the affected body part raised. Immobilising the area is usually a great way to ensure no further problems can occur and helps to limit the pain involved.

Fractures can also pose problems so X-Rays are a good idea to establish the extent of the damage involved with any injuries. There a various forms of medication that can help to alleviate the pain associated with such problems. Aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen are extremely useful for the more routine injuries or minor pain and can assist with reducing inflammation. Sometimes however, for more serious conditions, paracetamol with codeine is used.


Weight loss

The issue of weight loss is one that has all of us going crazy at some point in our lives. And, if you're anything like the rest of us, you are likely to spend a significant part of your day and indeed your life, obsessing about your weight loss. Fear not, because help is here. Below you will find a summary of the main points that you need to master in order to shed those unsightly pounds. Again, much will depend on what precisely your goals are; but, whatever they are, we will help you trim down efficiently and safely and, if you're a good boy or girl, quickly too!

If for you weight loss is a medical issue then your first stop must be your doctor. He/she will have a plethora of information on the options open to you. In severe cases this can include the stapling of a portion of the stomach or the insertion of a balloon. This prevents the patient from having the hunger pangs that cause them to eat and get fat. These drastic operations will result in drastic weight loss for the patient but attached are dangerous risks too. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the operation to fail and for the patient to die during it. After the operation, the patient has to change their lifestyle habits forever or else risk death. This type of action should therefore be seen as a last resort, even for the seriously obese.

If you do not fall into that category and only need to lose a normal amount then a regular, safe, diet is available for you. Right now, low carbohydrate diets are all the rage and the Atkins diet is the one that celebrities (and therefore millions of us following mere mortals) are trying in our masses. It allows you to eat more or less as much high fat and high protein foods as you like whilst strictly omitting carbohydrates of any kind. These diets will often help you lose the pounds very quickly but are not great when it comes to keeping them off.

The best combination is always to eat sensibly (including all the major food groups) and moderately and to take regular and substantial exercise. You should aim to get your heart rate pumping and your body sweaty for at least 20 minutes, at least three times a week. Incorporate that into your permanent lifestyle habit and the excess pounds should come off and stay off!


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